Chore Snap – A New Cleaning Option

We’re very excited to introduce our customers to a new service that will help you find cleaners when & where you need them and it’s called Chore Snap. Here at KISS Cleaners we’ve always tried to take care of our customers by providing cleaners on a last minute basis for those move in and move out cleanings as well as on an ongoing basis for our monthly, biweekly and weekly cleaners. However sometimes it’s just not possible for us to fit a client into our schedule and this is where the awesome new cleaning service at Chore Snap comes into play.

How Chore Snap Works

When you’re looking for a last minute cleaner there’s no easy way to know who has availability. You have to call around and find who has an opening in their schedule – or pay a huge amount of money to those “Molly” people. Not any more. With Chore Snap you simply answer a few questions about what you need cleaned – the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, who provides the supplies etc. Then your request is pushed out to hundreds of cleaners in the area. If the cleaner has availability based on the timelines you need they can place a bid on your job. All the bids are organized for you and connected to the cleaners online profile and reviews. You can review the bids and hire the person that best suits your needs.

Multiple Quotes – One Conversation

We all know we should be getting multiple quotes on the services we use on our homes. Often the biggest challenge is getting the person who is supposed to give you an estimate to even show up! Then when you do have them show you have to have the same conversation over and over again – however you might forget that you asked for one thing with one cleaner and something else with another. What you end up with is a bunch of quotes but for different things. How useful is that? With Chore Snap all the cleaners bid based on the same criteria you know the bids will be for the same items – and by connecting their profiles and reviews to their bids you can access them all from one easy dashboard.

Free to Use

The great part about this service is it’s free! It’s like having your own personal concierge go out and gather all the bids for you home projects for you without costing a thing. Also because it’s pushed out lots of companies you know you’re getting competitive pricing from all the companies bidding on your project. So if you’re looking for quotes on cleaning and we can’t fit you into our schedule take a minute and check out Chore Snap and post a free chore. We think you’ll really like it!

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